Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Delaware

Chartered 1869


2020 Officers




Grand High Priest

Jared I. Card

Grand King

Randall C. Mullen

Grand Scribe

G. Thomas Taylor, III

Grand Treasurer

Mark E. Irwin, PGHP

Grand Secretary

Mark E. Irwin, PGHP

Grand Captain of the Host

Michael P. Pizzola

Grand Principal Sojourner

Kenneth C. Weaver, Sr.

Grand Royal Arch Captain

Mark K. Button

Grand Master of the 3rd Veil

David H. Laucius, PGHP

Grand Master of the 2nd Veil

George Gadsby

Grand Master of the 1st Veil

William Anthes

Grand Chaplain

Bruce Beck

Grand Marshal

Robert W. Noble

Grand Sentinel

Fred M. Palmer, PGHP

Grand Lecturer

Lionel D. Hunter, PGHP